Smoker's Option Smokeless Menthol Cigarettes

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Smoker's Option Smokeless Menthol Cigarettes help you Quit Smoking!

Smoker's Option Smokeless Menthol Cigarettes help you Quit Smoking!

Smoker's Option Smokeless Methol Cigarettes are a rewarding, Smokeless, Non-tobacco cigarette alternative for situations where you can't, or choose Not to smoke. Do not light Smoker's Option, simply draw on it like a cigarette. There is no tar or nicotine, just a pleasing menthol taste.

Each cigarette may last several hours to 1 days. It looks and feels like a cigarette, but it contains:

no tobacco, no tar, no nicotine. Just enjoyable flavors Menthol.

Benefits: Why Smokeless? -- Are Herbal Cigarettes Safe?

It's very important to know that although many herbal cigarettes are tobacco and nicotine free, but they are NOT safe because they Do Contain TAR and CO (Carbon Monoxide), which cause hypoxemia (hypoxia) at lease, when you burn it.

This smokeless product, which consists of a menthol-flavored filter material - like that used in a cigarette filter - looks and feels like a cigarette, but contains no tobacco or nicotine, and does not burn. The smokers simply draw or inhale on Smoker's Option whenever they have the desire to smoke a cigarettes.

With the increase in smoking restrictions, this product is perfect to accommodate smokers who are in smoke-free area such as libraries, airports or restaurants, or visiting with friends who are non-smokers. It is a rewarding smokeless alternative for adults who enjoy cigarettes even if they want to quit.

Packages: Similar to tobacco cigarettes, each package of Smoker's Option contains 20 cigarettes, each carton contains 10 packages.

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